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For us at m i k r o v o u t i , transparency in the supply chain and sustainability are just common sense. That is why we do our best to use materials that are eco-friendly, fairly traded, and local, wherever this is possible. For us, ethical/ sustainable/ eco-friendly fashion is a matter of VALUES and how we perceive ourselves through it. That is why we are fully committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations have set for the next years.

For your reference, you can see it attached at the end of this section. Take a screenshot and have it always with you.

The beach towels.

The beach towels are all weaved and sewn in Greece.


So far, we have been using GOTS certified organic cotton yarns from a greek spinning mill. Organic cotton is sustainable because no pesticides are used during farming and also since it's a natural fiber, it's biodegradable. The fact that they are GOTS certified ensures for us and for you the fact that they have been tested by one of the greatest certifying organizations, whose standards are high and strict.

Our new beach towels collection is made of regenerated cotton. Regenerated cotton is made of clean cotton garments or fabrics that have been put into special machines that scratch them until they become bulks of cotton again. They are separated by colour and then the bulks are turned into yarn again. This yarn is used to make our new collection!!!

What do we gain from this process? First of all, these yarns come from materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, so they are recycled. The second benefit of the process is the fact that the water needed for making these yarns is much less than the conventional processes. Apart from the already existing cotton being reused, so no new farming is needed, the yarns don't need any water to be dyed either since they are already dyed and separated by colour in the first place. The regenerated yarns come from Portugal, who are pioneers and have expertise in this sector.

Pouches, T-shirts and tops.

The pouches and all of our garments are sewn in Greece by is a social fashion factory that trains and hires human trafficking survivors and refugees and integrates them back to society. You can learn more about them at

The material used for them is Greek Clean Cotton. It's sustainably grown in Greece. This means that no pesticides are used during the cultivation. Also, the dyes are safe and non-toxic and the stamps are handmade with water-based, eco-friendly dyes. 

The care instructions cards are made in Cyprus of recycled paper.

Zero Waste Management.

For the making of all our products, no waste is created. 

The beach towels are weaved with the exact amount of yarn that is needed. 

The scrap from the pouches and garments are reused by to create new items.

Finally, whenever you decide to let go of your m i k r o v o u t i  items, you can send them back to us and benefit a 10% discount from whatever you wish to purchase from our creations. We will then manage them responsibly in order to protect our planet from the waste.

Don't forget to tell us your amazing stories about where you went with them!!!

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