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What we loved in Koufonisi Island | Don’t forget your sneakers!!!

Παραλία Φοίνικα στα Κουφονήσια, mikrovouti πετσέτα παραλίας.
Foinikas beach, Koufonisia

This summer we visited Ano Koufonisi island in Greece and we had A BLAST!!!

If you do a little research, you’ll understand why this destination is trending right now. Especially if you have younger kids, we definitely recommend it!!!

When you visit Koufonisia islands, don’t forget your sneakers!!!

Even if you’re not into exercise, you’ll need them to explore every inch of the island, wearing cozy shoes…

Πεζοπορία στο Κουφονήσι.
Hiking in Koufonisia Islands

In the evenings, we enjoyed countless bike rides, underneath the silver stars…

The streets don’t have enough light and luckily there aren’t many houses in some parts, so when you leave the most inhabited areas, towards Fanos, you get to see the stars in the sky so clearly, that you’ll eagerly find a spot to look at them all night long. So, grab your guitar, or find someone who has one, and get ready for magical nights under the starry sky!!!

Stay up till as late as you wish, but make sure that at least for two mornings, you get up before the temperature rises. It would be a pitty not to go for a morning walk at the routes that we are suggesting.

The first one lasts for about 20 minutes. You start off from Fanos and follow the unmade road till Chora. The morning images, the sounds and the smells will infatuate you, and you’ll be stopping every once and a while to take some photos. Don’t feel bad about it, just give in to your desires. Make sure to treasure all the images that will keep you company during the winter and remind you of these careless, relaxing moments.

Next stop is Foinikas, our most beloved beach. It has aqua blue waters and a dock to dive in them. On your way to the Port, you’ll pass by many quiet little beaches. At the beach next to the Port, you’ll find a square.

On that square, you’ll find an open-air, swapping library on a beautifully crafted shelf at plain site. You can leave your book there and get another one for free.

Υπαίθρια ανταλλακτική βιβλιοθήκη.
Free, open-air swapping library, Koufonisia

Before finishing your walk in Chora, don’t forget to visit the local bakery and get freshly baked, local delicacies to take back to your room. Trust me, everyone is gonna love you!!!

The second route is longer, but totally worths it!!! It lasts about 35 minutes.

You start off from Foinikas beach this time and follow all the coastline till Pori. You can have a morning coffee at the café-restaurant of the beach, which by the way has amazing food and the staff is super polite and funny!!! Enjoy the amazing view and make sure to have a swim there. The waters are safe and shallow, ideal to chill out.

Next is Fanos beach, which has a beach bar with sunbeds with a clear view of the Aegean. In 2 minutes time, you’ll see Italida beach. The colours are unique and the golden sandy beach is perfect in the mornings, before it gets super crowded in the middle of the day…

Φοίνικας, Φανός, Ιταλίδα, Μικρή Ιταλίδα, Κουφονήσια.
Foinikas, Fanos, Italida, Mikri Italida, Koufonisi.

Before Italida beach, you’ll see a bench in the middle of nowhere, on the rocks.

Spend a few moments there and enjoy the calmness and the fresh summer breeze.

Παγκάκι στην μέση του πουθενά, Κουφονήσι.
Bench in the middle of nowhere in Koufonisi

Next is Mikri Italida, which has small, grey pebbles and crystal clear waters. Follow the path and you will soon realize that you are walking at the egde of the rocks. It’s just you and the Aegean’s endless blue. If it’s windy, you’d better be very careful. The view is just breathtaking.

Next destination is Pisina, which means Swimming pool. Till you get there, you' ll be walking by many awesome spots to swim, dive or sunbathe on the flat rocks. You will figure out where Pisina is, when you see many people on your right, staring at something and suddenly disappear. It’s a natural hole in the rocks, deep enough to dive if you wish. Don’t miss it and definitely go for a swim there. Besides, after a 30 minutes walk in the sun, you’re definitely going to need it.

During your walk, you get to enjoy all shades of blue.

Πισίνα, Κουφονήσι
Pisina, Koufonisi

And at the point where you think that it couldn’t get any “bluer” in Koufonisi, you finally reach Pori beach and everything changes!!!

It will look like an oasis observing it from far away… It has intense, deep, sky blue colours. The beach is so big that the visitors are scattered all over the place, having their own private paradise. There’s not much shadow, except from some trees, but there are two restaurants there with amazing food and beverages.

You can return either on foot or with a boat, which will take you to Foinikas or the Port. However, be prepared to spend the whole day there, because you’re going to love it!!!

We definitely had a fantastic time there!!!

As you can see, Koufonisi Island is the perfect place to enjoy the sea, relax, find good quality food, revive your relationship and feel safe to let your kids have fun on the beach and make new summer friends!!!

So, don’t waste your time and schedule your vacation there as soon as possible!!!

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