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Beach toes


Have you heard? A 3-year-old, little girl made up our name!!!

We were swimming in the crystal, blue waters of Sifnos Island in Greece, when Evi tried to impress 3-year-old Leda with a "makrovouti". Makrovouti means a long dive in greek.

After the failed attempt, the tiny gal laughed at her saying: " That was a m i k r o v o u t i!!!" 

This is the essence of m i k r o v o u t i. We listen to the kids, we are inspired by them, and do our best to protect and help them explore the world and spread their wings.

Our style is minimal, elegant, and fun!!!


We only use sustainable materials and always looking for innovations to achieve a circular living approach.

The materials that we currently use are certified organic cotton by GOTS, regenerated cotton (which is new yarn made of cleaned, recycled garments), and Greek Clean Cotton which is sustainably grown without pesticides. The stamps are handmade, water-based, and non-toxic.

They are made in Greece. 

Our famous pouches and the T-shirts are sewn by, a social fashion factory in Greece, which trains and hires human trafficking survivors and refugees, integrating them back to society. 

The beach towels are weaved in a way to be water absorbent, lightweight, fast dry, and no sand.

No waste is left during their creation.

Also, they are cool AND practical!!!

With every purchase, we donate 1 euro to the good cause of your choice.

Thanks to your loyalty and support, with the program PROUD TO CARE, we have helped many initiatives and foundations in Greece and Cyprus. You will find them in the Good Causes section. 

Finally, in order to adopt a zero-waste approach, whenever you decide to let go of any of your mikrovouti purchases, you can send it back to us and benefit a 10% discount off a one from the new season.

We do that in order to never throw anything in the landfills, which is very polluting, and protect our beloved planet!!!

To know more about our supply chain, you can go to the Transparency and Sustainability section.

Kala mikrovoutia and welcome to the sustainable fashion world!!!

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