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What is the PROUD TO CARE program.

With every purchase that you make from m i k r o v o u t i, 1 euro is donated to the good cause of your choice.

We are active citizens of this world. We care about all mankind, the animals, and the well being of our planet.

We are all one and we know that you feel the same.


You can't imagine how grateful we are that you have the same mindset.

In order for our donations to be independent and to have a meaning for you, we decided to leave it up to you, to choose which initiative or organization you wish to support.

So far, you have supported the following causes in Greece:

The Smile of a child, Make-a-wish Greece, The other human- social kitchen, Diavazw gia tous allous, Boroume, S.C.A.R.S, Vrouva Farm Aegina.

In Cyprus:

PASYKAF, Karaiskakeio foundation, Thermokoitida agapis.

Please, follow them and support their amazing work!!!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support.


We feel blessed to have people like you by our side, who consider fashion a force of good and who have social and environmental empathy.

You should be PROUD TO CARE, like we are!!!

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